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Good-bye,  old back breaking filter!

Hello,  Black Diamond™

Why Black Diamond™ 

The superior filter technology behind the Black Diamond™ filter is the cartridge. Made from 100% Reemay, combined with the Black Diamond­'s exclusive chain link webbing, filters out debris as small as 2 microns in size. This technology allows less particles back into your pool water, saving you time, and money on expensive corrective chemicals.

Superior Filter Technology

Stop working hard to maintain your old filter, and switch to a Black Diamond™ Cartridge Filter Today!

The Black Diamond™ Cartridge Filter works for you! With its simple operating and maintenance patented technology. 

Who's Working Harder... You, or Your Filter?
Size Matters

Unlike sand filtration the Black Diamond™ Cartridge filters remove debris as small as 2 microns in size

Flow Control Core

The superior flow control core with evenly spaced openings, allow for maximum water flow

100% Filter Capacity

Chain link webbed element allows you to use 100% of the Black Diamond™ filter capacity

Pleat Support Banding

Exterior pleat support banding prevents peat bunching which can slow water flow and create cartridge colgging

Uses patented Black Diamond™ element to clean your pools water.

The Best Pol Filtration... ANYWHERE!

Let the Black Diamond™ Cartridge filter work for you!

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Longer Filter Cycles Save You Time and Money!

Blue Torrent® 
Family of Superior Pool Products

Blue Torrent Pool Products is the number one leading manufacture in the pool industry.


No other manufacturer in the industry offers such a massive warranty.

We are so confident in our product, we certified it with a 5 year 100% warranty 

Massive 5 Year Warranty
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Black Diamond™

Above & In Ground Filters

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Power Clean™

Never Take Your Filter Apart

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Quad Filters

Designed for In Ground

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A Filter For EVERY Pool Type

Blue Torrent™ offers every type of filter to fit your pool needs. 

5 Year Warranty on EVERY Black Diamond™ Filter

NEVER Use Media like DE or Sand AGAIN!

Shown with optional pump

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